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As an active person with a keen interest in fitness as well as dodgy knees and a couple of herniated discs, I’ve had regular cause to work with physiotherapists over the years. It is with some confidence that I can say Jo is exceptional. Not only is she extremely skilled and knowledgeable but she also has an almost uncanny ability to unpick the most complex of issues. In my experience a real rarity. She is engaged, warm, approachable and truly cares about helping you achieve the results you’re after. I couldn’t recommend Jo highly enough.

Carrie S, Barnes

I have total faith in Jo. She approaches injury and pain in an intelligent, structured way, using physio, acupuncture, massage and Pilates as appropriate. She has excellent dialogue with medical and associated practitioners. Confidence inspiring.

Paul L, Barnes

Jo has been a life saver for me over the last few years. She has treated my longstanding neck and back problems so successfully that I am now finally virtually pain free. As well as being an extremely experienced hands on physio she takes a holistic approach to symptoms and offers sound advice on stress, exercise, diet and lifestyle. She is an outstanding physiotherapist who I would happily recommend to anyone.
 Jane W, East Sheen
Jo has done wonders for my tennis.  Pilates with Jo has opened my eyes to new ways of moving and has made a massive difference to my all round flexibility.  With Pilates exercises designed specifically for tennis, I now have a much greater range of movement which enables me to be faster and have more power through every part of my game – it is awesome!
 Gwyneth N, Twickenham
With a chronic pain condition I have had many years of weekly physio.  Some have been excellent, some less so, but all until Jo have just treated the physical symptoms.  What sets Jo apart is her unique approach to you as a whole – body, mind and life style.  She has been invaluable in helping with not only my physical problems, but also stresses and other issues in my life all of which she understands impact on your physical wellbeing.  I would not be without Jo, her treatments really help and she has an amazing understanding and great depth of knowledge but, above all it is her support and endless encouragement of you as her patient that is unfailing and invaluable.  I would not hesitate to recommend (and indeed do) Jo to anyone needing a Physio.
 Nicola T, Putney