Pain Recovery and Mind Body Coaching
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Pain Recovery and Mind Body Coaching

Chronic/Persistent Pain

You may have been told that you have chronic pain. You may have seen multiple doctors and other health professionals. You may have tried several treatment options, different therapies and even surgery.

You Can Recover

Strategies to address pain should always begin with an accurate and full assessment that looks at the physical, emotional, personal, cultural and social aspects of your life.

Here at Jo Coulter Physiotherapy we approach the recovery from pain using the biopsychosocial model.

Pain is a subjective emergent experience that is co-ordinated by the brain. The latest research shows us that our brains can display enormous capacity for re-modelling. This is the process of neuroplasticity.

Everything we hear, see, think and feel can alter our experience of pain. We are also greatly influenced by our past experience of pain and trauma. Childhood trauma and stress can influence our nerve pathways in such a way that we can become more sensitive to pain and illness.

But the good news is you can recovery and enjoy an active and fulfilling life. Remove the obstacles – experience freedom from pain.

Each pain experience is individual and as such each recovery will follow a different path. Some examples of strategies that may be used are journaling, affirmations, gentle graded exercise progression, breathing re-training, visualization, mindfulness, and talking therapy.